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On this page, you’ll find numerous handy links to most of the places where I can be found on the Internet on any given day. Also, if you scroll on down to the lower part of the page, you’ll find links to technical and general websites that you might find interesting.

My Blogs

I don’t blog as often as I used to, unfortunately, but there are still some interesting tidbits on the blogs below that you might find helpful and/or entertaining.

Social Networks

My Pluspora Profile

V.T. Eric Layton @ Pluspora

My Diaspora Profile

My Reddit Profile

My Private Board

This is a private board that I’ve run on ProBoards for a dozen years or so. It’s inhabited by my oldest and closest Internet friends. Registration is closed and the board is not visible to the public, but I place it here because many of my friends use my vtel57.com website as a portal to our common hangouts.

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